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Manager Resources

Resources for Team Managers:


Significant Incident Form


(All files have been converted to PDF)

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport - Rule of Two


Social Media Link

Please upload important/interesting photos, video and updates about your team (fundraisers, big wins, tournaments, charity events, etc) here, under your age division. Social Media Page



Our Club Social Media Coordinator will then post approved and relevant news to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

*Do not share any pictures or video of players whose parents/guardians have not signed the Photo and Video Consent. (Note: a 'team social media representative' is a 200-point volunteer bond position)

Having troubles?  Email Vance Beblow with questions or concerns.



Please see the link below to the Updated Management Manual:

Team Management Handbook


Calgary Police Checks

Please be advised that all bench personnel (head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers) and managers must now have a current Calgary Police check through the Axemen.  If you have completed a police check  - with the Calgary Police or with - for another agency, including the CDLA, within the last three years, please submit your completed Police Check documentation via email to

If you completed an on-line Calgary Police Check within the last 3 years, please go online, (link below) review your results and share them with the Axemen Lacrosse Club.  If you have never completed a police check with the City of Calgary or it has been longer than 3 years, please go to the same link below to start a new application.

*New applications will not be accepted without a letter from the Axemen.  Please download the letter here.  You will need to print, sign and scan the letter (along with 2 pieces of government-issued ID) to go with your application.

The cost of the police check will be covered by the Axemen.  Please contact Ashley with any questions or concerns.



Calgary Police Check Website link

Letter - Calgary Police Services - ePic




Goalie Coordinator - Justin Athey


Outdoor Practices:

It is your responsibility to cancel any outdoor practice times which you will not be using. 



Team Photos 2019


Outdoor Practices:

It is your responsibility to cancel any outdoor practice times which you will not be using. 

Dusten Evans ( will be your point of contact for the outdoor practice schedule - please notify him of any changes to your calendar.  He will also keep teams apprised of open floor times or closed venues.



Lacrosse in Calgary is a boundary sport. Axemen boundaries can be fond here. However, some players move addresses after playing most of their youth with another club. Some players play other sports within other club boundaries (school). These release forms are brought to the Axemen board for review. The board reviews the ramifications of each release and makes a decision on the release request at monthly meetings (Jan-Mar). The release form must be sent to the President 7 days before the board meetings so all executive can review. The release is then sent to the the self governing body (CDLA) for other club concerns and signatures. These releases usually set precedents and are reviewed thoroughly. Upon written approval, the player is released from the Axemen to other clubs. The Axemen may initiate a release due to low enrollment on any particular age group. These are yearly releases only.


Player Release Form



Each year some players are exempt from playing in there “natural” birth age division. Common reasons are height and weight compared to the players peer group. Some are for convenience (two kids in two seperate divisons, one year apart). The process of this form is that the parent fills it out and sends it to the President of the Axemen. The Axemen president will present it to the self governing committee (CDLA) before the season starts and teams are formed (early March). Other clubs within the CDLA have the opportunity to object to this application. The Axemen, upon written notification from the CDLA, will notify the parent of the decision on the exemption. The Axemen will perform due diligence on all applications. This exemptions are only one year exemptions.


Player Exemption Form


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