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Rule of Two


Axemen Coaching Clinics


Goalie Equipment Exemption Form


RockyView Fun Day - Exhibition Game Schedule

Extended Pre-Season Practice Schedule


Goalie Coordinator - Justin Athey


Outdoor Practices:

It is your responsibility to cancel any outdoor practice times which you will not be using. 

Dusten Evans ( will be your point of contact for the outdoor practice schedule - please notify him of any changes to your calendar.  He will also keep teams apprised of open floor times or closed venues.



Social Media Link 

Please upload important/interesting photos, video and news about your team (fundraisers, big wins, tournaments, charity events, etc) here.

*Do not share any pictures or video of players whose parents/guardians have not signed the Photo and Video Consent. (Note: a 'team social media representative' is a 200-point volunteer bond position)


Axemen Electronic Coaching Application Link


**Please note: As of the 2018 Spring Box season, all female teams must have one female coach registered to be on the bench

To assist in meeting this requirement, the CDLA will host a Community Development Coaching Clinic for women only on May 6, 2018.  


If you have any questions regarding coaching, please email Colin Risi at




All Axemen coaches must have their CLA certification.

This certification is required to fulfill your volunteer bond.



(Coaches, please be sure to bring lacrosse stick and ball and wear comfortable clothing for on floor portion of clinic.

There are seating limitations for all clinics. Plan ahead and be sure to complete the necessary steps well in advance of the clinic to secure your spot.  Please arrive 20 minutes early to each clinic.)



No community initiation clinics will be held in 2018.  When requesting to attend a clinic, please request a community development clinic.   Please also be sure to let us know that you are a minityke or tyke coach.



April 28 Cardel South (333 Shawville Blvd SE) Super 8 Room - Classroom 9am-noon,  on Floor 1pm-5pm

April 29 Cardel South (333 Shawville Blvd SE) Oilers Room - Classroom 9am-noon,  on Floor 1pm-5pm

May 6 (FEMALE ONLY) Cardel South (333 Shawville Blvd SE) Oilers Room  - Classroom 9am - noon, on floor 1pm - 5 pm 

May 12 Cardel South (333 Shawville Blvd SE) - Oilers Room - Classroom  9am - noon,  on Floor 1pm-5pm



April 21 and 22  Huntington Hills (520 78th Ave NW)  - Downstairs lounge

day one -  9am - noon classroom, 1 pm - 5 pm  on floor

day two  -  9am - noon on floor,   1 pm - 5 pm  classroom


June 2 and 3 Cardel South ( 333 Shawville Blvd SE) - Flames Room

day one -  9am - noon classroom, 1 pm - 5 pm  on floor

day two -   9 am - noon on floor,  1 pm - 5 pm  classroom


Go to the CDLA Coach Resources Page to register



2017 Competitive Introduction Clinic attendees - be sure you have completed AND SUBMITTED your online workbook which is accessible through your account no later than March 1, 2018 to allow time for marking before the season commences.


ALA Coaching Certification Requirements: ALA Regulations

More Information on the courses being held can be found on the CDLA website under the INFORMATION tab, COACH CERTIFICATION. 

The costs of these courses are covered by the Axemen Lacrosse Club and the CDLA.

 *If you are a new coach at the Bantam and Midget levels, you must complete the Community Development clinic/level first before you take the Competitive Introduction level; however, you cannot take both these levels in the same year, so you would have to start by taking the Community Development clinic; if you played at the Jr level or above and would like to challenge the Community Development level, you can do so to earn ‘credit‘ for that level and then take the ‘Competitive Intro‘ clinic at a future date.

CDLA Coaching information: Please email




Calgary Police Checks


Please be advised that all bench personnel (head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers) and managers must now have a current Calgary Police check through the Axemen.  If you have completed a police check  - with the Calgary Police or with - for another agency, including the CDLA, within the last three years, please submit your completed Police Check documentation via email to


If you completed an on-line Calgary Police Check within the last 3 years, please go online, (link below) review your results and share them with the Axemen Lacrosse Club.  If you have never completed a police check with the City of Calgary or it has been longer than 3 years, please go to the same link below to start a new application.

*New applications will not be accepted without a letter from the Axemen.  Please download the letter here.  You will need to print, sign and scan the letter (along with 2 pieces of government-issued ID) to go with your application.

The cost of the police check will be covered by the Axemen.  Please contact Ashley with any questions or concerns.


Calgary Police Check Website link


Letter - Calgary Police Services - ePic



Coach Drill Package Link

Coaches Welcome Letter

Coaching Clinics

Practice Planning Package


ALA LTAD Presentation


Link to the Referee Feedback form, filled out directly on the ALRA website:




Lacrosse in Calgary is a boundary sport. Axemen boundaries can be fond here. However, some players move addresses after playing most of their youth with another club. Some players play other sports within other club boundaries (school). These release forms are brought to the Axemen board for review. The board reviews the ramifications of each release and makes a decision on the release request at monthly meetings (Jan-Mar). The release form must be sent to the President 7 days before the board meetings so all executive can review. The release is then sent to the the self governing body (CDLA) for other club concerns and signatures. These releases usually set precedents and are reviewed thoroughly. Upon written approval, the player is released from the Axemen to other clubs. The Axemen may initiate a release due to low enrollment on any particular age group. These are yearly releases only.


Player Release Form



Each year some players are exempt from playing in there “natural” birth age division. Common reasons are height and weight compared to the players peer group. Some are for convenience (two kids in two seperate divisons, one year apart). The process of this form is that the parent fills it out and sends it to the President of the Axemen. The Axemen president will present it to the self governing committee (CDLA) before the season starts and teams are formed (early March). Other clubs within the CDLA have the opportunity to object to this application. The Axemen, upon written notification from the CDLA, will notify the parent of the decision on the exemption. The Axemen will perform due diligence on all applications. This exemptions are only one year exemptions.


Player Exemption Form



2018 Alberta Tournaments Information


2018 ALA Tournament Guidelines



Canada Day Tournament Information


Entry Fees:

$750 - Novice

$825 - all other divisions

Canada Day Rules - Affiliation

Affiliations for Canada Day are NOT governed by the new ALA Tournament Policy as Canada Day is not a ranking tournament, therefore teams can affiliate players from one club to fill their rosters 


C teams - may affiliate with ONE other C team to have a maximum roster size of 18 runners and 2 goalies.

B teams - may affiliate with ONE other B team to have a maximum roster size of 18 runners and 2 goalies.

A teams - may affiliate with ONE other A team up to a maximum of 18 runners and 2 goalies.

Parity teams are also encouraged to enter rep teams in the A category of various divisions in which case, you can affiliate players laterally (from another A or B or C team).

Affiliated teams must be a member of your provincial governing body:
- i.e. - Any Alberta team may affiliate with another Alberta team, as per the  above rules, subject to both teams getting approval from their respective club President.

Under no circumstances can a player be used on two separate teams during the tournament. It is the participating team‘s responsibility to ensure his roster can compete over the three days.

Last day for roster changes & submission is June 10, 2018.  

The Canada Tournament Committee reserves the right to allow exceptions for the sake of fair competition.



Team Management Handbook


CDLA Coaching Resources

Survival Guide for New Coaches  to access your locker  to access your nccp account

Changing the Game Project free e-book - click here

Changing the Game Website - click here


CLA Apprentice Coaching Guide

Learning Facilitator and Evaluator Application

NCCP Learning Facilitator and Evaluator Guide

Respect in Sport

Canadian Sport for Life

Coaches and Learning Facilitator Log In

Coaching Association of Canada



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