Evaluation Group Lists - 2018

2018 Evaluation Lists


Tyke Evaluations will run Saturday, April 7, Sunday April 8 and Monday, April 9.  Please find your player's name in the list below to find out when he/she will evaluate; group lists and times will be updated each evening.  Please check back here to find out when your player will evaluate the following day.

Please be at evaluations 45 minutes prior to check in. All Tyke Evaluations are held at Indus Recreational Centre

*Last names have been shortened and first-name initials used.

Tyke - Monday, April 9, 2018


Group 1 5:00 PM   Group 2 6:00 PM   Group 3 7:00 PM   Group 4 8:00 PM
All C   Ale L   Bai M   All H
Bor I   All N   Bje S   Bab X
Boy C   Ass F   Bor C   Beb N
Bur M   Ave D   Bra F   Bla J
Cal E   Bar A   Bro S   Bra M
Cro B   Bea X   Bur T   Cas E
Dav R   Big T   Cag D   Cor S
Dul C   Bis N   Cha P   Dal H
Fug W   Bla N   Con S   Dav D
Gar S   Ble B   Cra A   Gav A
Gau J   Bos M   Daf C   Hag B
Gif B   Byc K   Gaw C   Har R
Ham X   Cad H   Hir R   Hyl S
Har D   Chr L   Hus B   Jaw B
Hes C   Cra G   Kap L   Kir P
Hum H   Eri M   Kel N   Mac A
Hur A   Hen L   Lan R   Man H
Jol W   Hew B   Mck B   McR R
Kai A   Hor C   Min J   Meu D
Kar D   Hum W   Mol A   Mey B
Lal D   Jan N   Nic D   Pet M
Lal H   Leo C   Nic O   Poc T
Lei B   Lin D   Nor R   Rob B
Lut B   McM C   Pac D   Sch T
Mor P   Rob K   Pel A   Sie L
Mur E   She E   Pet R   Slo A
O'D K   Smi T   Pis B   Tat N
Pai J   Sol C   Ram C   Thi J
Pit R   Sto C   Rea L   Tom A
Spe C   Stu O   Rie J   Tuo R
Van J   Syc K   Rog T   Wei S
Wag W   Tru B   Sal O   Wil Z
Wag B   Wih K   Sta K   You C
Web C   Wil J   Swi S   Zad L
Wil G   Wil N   Wes O   Zed L
Wyt I   Wil R   Wig M      

Indus Recreational Centre
 **Attendance is expected in parity divisions and notice does need to be given if evaluations will be missed for any reason.  Please contact your division coordinator with any attendance issues.

Crescent Point Field House


Division Coordinators:


For more information regarding evaluations, please contact Sean Burnand at evaluations@axemenlacrosse.com




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